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In today's economy, with increasing costs, product shortages, etc. People are searching more eagerly for things from the "times of old" or the "good old days" and are yearning to move out of cities into the country and become more self-sufficient. Gardens, backyard chickens, canning, bread making are all becoming more and more common. How does one get started in all of this? We've come so far from knowledge of land and earth and how it can provide for us. It's become vital to work together to learn and teach ourselves in order to pass on our individual knowledge. This year, join us as we visit different families across the US as they share with us the different things they've done to become ever more self-sufficient.

 Join us one Saturday a month at 11am EST

Join Christina, our Program Director, as she shares with you her chickens, ducks, rabbits and geese and as she shares what self sufficiency is for her. She will also describe what the year will look like as we journey on this exploration of building a self sufficient lifestyle.


January 13th 11am EST Click here to RSVP


February 10th 11am ES Click here to RSVP


March 9, 2024


April 13, 2024


May 11, 2024 Fruit Tree Growing Click here to RSVP


Saturday, June 1 ยท 11am - 12pm EDT Self Sufficiency 101-Tour Girls of Grace Urban Farm Click here to RSVP


August 10, 2024


September 14, 2024


October 12, 2024


November 9, 2024