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Dialogue Trips

ist1Every year Atlantic Institute organizes trips to Turkey. People who participate in these trips come from many different backgrounds, traditions and professions. Christian, Jewish and Muslim clergy, professors, journalists, artists, politicians and business leaders spend ten days together while visiting historic Turkish cities and sites. During the trip our guests enjoy not only the rich history and natural beauty of Turkey but also each other's companionship where they build life long friendships. For many, time spent with Turkish families become a source of unforgettable memories.


When we invite someone to join us on one of our trips we are often asked Why? We believe that despite our differences of faith, language and culture there is something that unites us at a very fundamental level and that is our common humanity. For this common humanity to reveal itself, people must do something very simple; spend time and really listen to each other. When a group of people spend ten days sharing meals, traveling together, experiencing beauty and grace together, something magical happens. They start seeing each other simply as human beings and friends.
We believe that the difficulties we face in the world today can only be solved by mutual respect and cooperation on what is good.
Turkey and Turkish people have a long tradition of peaceful coexistence. While members of the Turkish community in the Unites States try to represent this culture of love and respect, we still would like you to come and get to know us in our natural environment, Turkey!

Wouldn't you join us?