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Teachers Trip to Turkey

Empire, Republic, Democracy, and Gulen Movement:
A History of Turkey Study Tour

This is an exciting opportunity for identified educators. As a participant, you will be able to interact with several of history's major civilizations by visiting some of the world's most beautiful historic and geographic sites, including the Hagia Sophia, the Greco-Roman city of Ephesus, palaces of Ottoman sultans, a boat trip on the Bosporus Sea, the WWI battle site of Gallipoli (100th anniversary), and much more! Participants will engage in dialogue with Turkish secondary Social Studies/History teachers to gain mutual understandings of the history and culture of each of our countries, as well as, how to discuss with students the current situations and the foreign policies which shape our worlds today.

This is an amazing opportunity for educators to experience the culture of Turkey, including its world famous cuisine, artisan crafts, customs and practices of its inhabitants. In addition, participants will meet fascinating people of one of the most unique countries in the world today, including government officials, historians, local educators, religious leaders, geographers, civic groups which support Turkish democracy and women's rights, as well as, organizations devoted to alleviating poverty and natural disasters.

Your Travel Study will begin in the spectacular city of Istanbul, one of 2010's European Capitals of Culture. Istanbul's rich culture is matched by its economic opportunity, denoting Turkey as the 6th largest and fastest growing economy in all of Europe. Istanbul has a large population of about 75 million and serves as the gateway between Europe and the Middle East.

The only thing more fabulous than all we will observe and experience is that this Travel Study to Turkey will be funded for participants*.

*Full funding of airfare and admin costs based of SC county abilities.


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