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WISE Up TownHall Dialogue

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In late October 2017, a member of Atlantic Institute attended the WISE Up Summit in Washington, DC and learned about a fascinating interfaith opportunity. WISE Up is a multi-faceted, interfaith campaign to address the unfounded fears associated with Islam and to prevent the spread of extremist ideology and hate crimes in America. It is based on the belief that knowledge is the most powerful weapon against all forms of extremism, and centers around a 375-page research and evidence-based report authored by 70 noted contributors, who have provided their expertise on practical ways to combat hate crimes, Islamophobia, and terrorism. The WISE Up movement is a coalition of academics, scholars, imams, activists, and specialists, 100+ mosques and 50+ interfaith centers -- all dedicated to combating the rise of violent extremism and Islamophobia. Equally important, WISE Up is a call to action designed to engage multiple audiences: 1) Mainstream Media, 2) Interfaith groups, 3) Government Officials, and 4) Muslim Communities. Of note, the information in this publication is so compelling, that one senior law enforcement official is highlighting this report to his counterparts abroad.

We are excited to announce that Atlantic Institute, along with partners in the Upstate, will host a WISE Up Town Hall Dialogue in Greenville, SC on 15 March 2018 -- one of the first in the nation. We are eager to show you this tool and to hear your thoughts on real applications for this information in the Upstate. This research and evidence-based book is filled with powerful graphics, aimed at countering the unfounded fears associated with Islam by arming individuals with accurate information about this religion and Muslims -- needed to achieve the following in communities across the USA:

* Wrestle away the negative headlines by amplifying voices of reason;
* Set the record straight on Islam and Muslims;
* Distinguish between true Islamic teachings and fake extremist dogma; and
* Provide guidance to parents and communities needed to prevent extremist recruitment.


Please RSVP here to reserve both a seat at this Town Hall and a copy of the WISE Up Report. When you click the submit button, you will be directed to WISE Up Website to buy the book.

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**If you RSVP and prepurchase a copy you will receive VIP seating at the event. 

RSVP not necessary but will be open to General Seating. 

March 15th, 6:00 pm at the Hughes Main Library

Co-Sponsors will have the opportunity to meet Daisy Khan, the Founder and Executive Director of the WISE Up movement, at Upstate International at 4:30 pm the day of the event.   (If you are interested in becoming a Co-Sponsor, please email




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