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Teacher Appreciation Dinner

Our foundation believes that dialogue is one of the unique tools of forming bridges between people. Educators are pillars of these bridges for dialogue. We believe that teachers as educators deserve the best for their hard work and dedication. As part of our foundation’s mission, we support and recognize teachers’ contribution to our community’s future. We, therefore, organize the annual Teacher Appreciation Dinner to recognize their hard work and values that they impart on the youth in our community.
The week of May 5th-9th 2014 is Teacher Appreciation Week throughout the State of South Carolina. SCDF would like to honor the teachers and educators by hosting a special dinner in Greenville and Columbia for selected teachers and administrators from each school on May 9, 2014. A keynote speaker is invited to address the guests. A gift card is presented to teachers and administrators participating in the program.

Sponsorship opportunities, please contact our Grant Writer at 864-386-7322.