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Atlantic Institute Leadership Initiative

Atlantic Institute Leadership Initiative (AILI) is an online learning platform bringing together student leaders and distinguished professionals/community leaders as speakers for the designated topic. Embracing Diversity: How Can We Learn to Respect, Appreciate and Support Different Cultures?

The Atlantic Institute Leadership Initiative (AILI) will bring together a team of six student leaders from various colleges/universities, plus five distinguished professionals/community leaders/speakers, from the areas of: Social Justice, Diversity, Education, Social Justice, Economics and Development, and Interfaith.

The student leaders will attend the online presentations, listen to the lectures and participate in discussions given by all of the distinguished community leader speakers, each of whom will be speaking on a different topic related to this years program theme.

Together, with guidance and input from their professorial mentors, they will plan/create a complete, viable school Diversity Project. This project will incorporate information on the need/importance for such diversity, a plan for implementing this project, and an anticipated outcome from this project Participation in this project will instill in the student leaders: the ability to actively listen and interpret, create, research, and execute programs that will provide lasting impacts on every aspect of their lives, ie: personal, educational, business, and professional.

The culmination of this training and group work will be the presentation of the student leaders’ projects, and the awarding of Certificates of Completion.


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