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2019 Annual Award and Friendship Dinner

The Atlantic Peace & Dialogue Awards is a derivative of our former organization’s Dialogue and Friendship Dinners which have taken place annually for the last 10 years. The purpose of the awards is to recognize influential people and organizations who actively promote diversity and intercultural exchange in the workplace, through public service, or other vocational spheres in their communities.

Publicly recognizing these leaders and groups encourages them to continue in their efforts to lead others in mutual understanding through dialogue and joint projects which incorporate diverse individuals and/or organizations. It is an honor to award these distinguished people each year. We believe that with these recognized leaders and groups, we can work together towards a more peaceful future.

Winners are nominated by Atlantic Institute’s local advisory board members, who submit nomination forms via email to their local branch. Award winners and other esteemed guests will be invited to a reception and awards ceremony which will feature a keynote speech by a distinguished speaker.

The awards are as follows:

Award 1: Peace and Dialogue Award

The recipient of this award must hold some leadership role in government, business or nonprofit and have used their position to create an environment that encourages diversity and cooperation between individuals from a variety of backgrounds, cultures, or faith traditions.

Award 2: Public and Community Service Award

This individual or group must have made a large contribution to their local community through involvement in community service, organized projects, and/or recruited diverse individuals to participate in community service projects.

Award 3: Media and Communications Award

The individual or organization nominated must work in print news, television, radio, internet or a combination of the above. The individual or organization must use their abilities towards bettering the community, bringing awareness and action to a social problem or play a prominent role in the community for an advocate of change.

Award 4: Impact and Innovation Award **New for 2019**

The recipient of this award must be a college student. They must use their skills, talents, and unique abilities to positively impact the community and serve as a role model for others in their generation. This student is an innovator, a creator, and a leader in a project of their own design

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