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phillleventisDialogue is in the name of your organization and it's the key to what made this trip so impactful for me. The opportunity to speak with such a diverse group of people was very meaningful. It enhanced my understanding of what is helping Turkey become a very significant world player economically, politically and socially. And you country is accomplishing this the good old fashion way. It is earning it.

What a lovely, memorable and most informative and enlightening trip. Having traveled to nineteen different countries on a variety of missions; I have never benefited so much from any other single trip as I did from this one.

"My participation in the trip to Turkey was one of the most horizon-stretching experiences I have ever had.
From the incredible food to the gracious hospitality to the tours of sacred sites to the warmth of homes of real families the trip was more than a geographic journey in time and space. It was as well a visionary journey for the mind and heart into the common ground of hope and possibility shared by all human beings. Through the succession of faces and conversations and experiences the cultural and religious differences that so often divide come to be dwarfed by a growing awareness of a natural human tie more fundamental and stronger that binds all peoples together. One comes away from the trip with a sense that our hope for the future truly does lie in dialogue rather than domination..."

cre colemanWords will not adequately convey the trip to Turkey. Not only my thoughts, but everybody's thoughts, of Turkey before and after the trip are polar opposite. As was said many times, Turkey is stereotyped by the actions of her neighbors.
Before the trip I thought Turkey was backward in every conceivable way but more importantly I thought Turkey was a source of terrorism that all Americans cannot stand and shy away from.

"Four years ago, my wife and I were lucky enough to take part in one of the first of Clemson's IDC's trips to Turkey.
We were introduced to the culture and people of this magnificent country and enjoyed their famous hospitality, whether on tour, in private homes or actually while being served a meal in the Sultan's dining room within the Dolmabahce Palace.

Never before have either of us taken part in a more enjoyable and meaningful experience. Words simply do not do justice to this wonderful and humbling opportunity."

Vin SheheenI can’t express my gratitude at your time and hospitality the last two weeks. What an experience!  I am sharing with my friends what a great place Turkey is and what great people live there. Thank you so much.

landMarie and I would like to express to three of you how much we enjoyed the trip to Turkey. It certainly was the most wonderful and informative trip we have ever taken and we left most impressed with Turkey, its government, and its people.

We think that one way for you to have a better idea about this trip is to listen to the people who went on a similar trip before. Below you can find the reflections from the people who went to Turkey in the past years."During my recent visit to Turkey I was very impressed with the family's emphasis on obtaining an education and the willingness of the Turkish people, especially the young children, to learn English.

It was surprising to learn from the Turkish families we visited that their impression of Americans came from what they learned and picked up from television or movies. My wife, Lewanna, and I enjoy travel. My work as an educator has taken me to six continents, so we knew our invitation to travel in Turkey would be, like other travel, a learning experience. But little did we know how much it would add to our world view and how much it would impact our understandings of culture, religion and the shared values of our human condition.